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Red Baron's Blog
  Well there's a fair bit of vitriolic anti-Bush stuff so seems to fit well into this category!
That There Paul's
  The page that helps you know that Bush sucks! Original content as well as extracts from the best of The New Yorker, Comedy Central, and over 460,000 other
  some mornings i just cant be bothered to chew through te leather straps
Apathetic Nation
  Common sense blog discussing the politics and current event of the day.
The OCD Gen X Liberal
  Politically, I consider myself a far-left liberal who will fight against the right-wing to my dying day.
Cosmic Iguana
  Dedicated to the proposition that Saddam Hussein and GW Bush are figments of our unconscious minds.
The New Space Race
  Basically focusing on privatizing space, also focuses on politics and music.
  Finally, that liberal media bias you can't find anywhere else!

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