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George Bush
  The Bush administration is quietly pushing through legislation to re-start the draft!
J.V. Errichetti's Dump Miner
  Our story follows a woman working as a dump miner at Americo Resource and Welfare Facility 4499, which is run by the Church of Americo.
Dead Baby
  Arts, Flash animations, anti-capitalist, anti-bush, anti-french government, Didier Vieugars Story and lots of other stuff.
Start Wars
  If only it were a galaxy far, far away...
Art For Peace
  Turn up the volume. Art For Peace requires the Flash plugin.
Exorcizing George W. Bush's nightmare
  EXORCIZING George W. Bush's nightmare, by Manco, with figures by deDiego, to music and lyrics by Luixi Toledo. Dreams of power produce monsters. EXORCISMO. The strange dream of G.W. Bush.
Keeping America Scared
  A video remix of the Republican convention in New York. It depicts graphically the way the Republicans have tried to manipulate the American public using fear.

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