Net Art by Andy Deck

For Hull's program Interact (Time Based Arts), Andy Deck has chosen an assortment of recent work from his online project, Artcontext. Deck has developed software for public use via the Internet browser which solicits participation in the production of imagery that is recorded as it develops. Featured are Glyphiti (2001-present), an evolving image that reflects the pixelated drawings of many visitors; Open Studio (2000-present), a classic multi-user experience that immerses people in a dynamic assortment of colorful imagery and anonymous visual conversations; and Collabyrinth (2002), a playful tool that looks like conventional production software but opens onto an icon-filled landscape of contributed designs.

Artist Bio

Andy Deck is an American artist specializing in Internet-related art. His work reaches out across the Internet to geographically diverse visitors, challenging them to adopt roles traditionally associated with the artist, such as image-making. Through the website, Deck addresses the politics and aesthetics of collaboration, interactivity, software, and independent media. Deck was a finalist for the 2003 Webby Award in NetArt. In 2004, a retrospective of his work has been featured by the U.K.-based organization Furtherfield, and he has won a commission from New Radio and Performing Arts, with funds from the Warhol Foundation.

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