From February-April 2000, the Walker is producing a series of
interconnected exhibitions and events:

1. The exhibition "Let's Entertain," curated by Philippe Vergne, will
feature over 50 international artists "who have assimilated into their
work as well as into their program the strategies of entertainment." A
list of artists is below.

The exhibition is scheduled to travel to:
st. louis
white chapel, london
pitti immagine, italy
and possibly Mexico City

2. The parallel online exhibition "Art Entertainment Network" (AEN) will
feature net art by 25+ artists, whose "space" is the convergence not
only of art and entertainment, but also mediums, protocols, and
hierarchies in the network.

In addition, an online mediatheque will present the text-, sound-, and
moving image-based work of hundreds of other artists and organizations.

The AEN website, designed by Vivian Selbo with Louis Mazza, will take on
the trappings of a portal, except that the features, while seemingly
familiar, are constantly shifting and many of them, from the search to
the free email to the custom options, are themselves artist projects.

Significantly, AEN will be accessible in the galleries, in among the
other artist installations (not beige boxes on cheap desks in a corner
of a darkened room), via a revolving door--portal (see attached
drawing)--commissioned from Antenna Design.

3. As part of AEN, an online discussion forum, E.A.T. (Entertainment,
Art, Technology), similar to the successful Shock of the View list, will
look at art and entertainment, not by medium or hierarchies of high and
low, but through concepts like: surrender, competition, choice,
sacrifice, subversion, agency, and engagement.

4. On April 6-8, the Walker, with the Kitchen, will sponsor an
international Webcast symposium, "Media Arts in Transition," with 6
panels of over 20 invited artists, critics, and curators, to explore the
convergence of visual arts, media arts, "new media," and design. A
preliminary program for this symposium will be available online
September 1.



I'd like to include Graphic Jam in AEN. I have emailed Mark separately
about this.

Artists will be paid a fee-honorarium for their participation, although
we are still finalizing funding, so I don't know at what level just yet.

I will send be sending periodic updates about AEN, but in the meantime,
I hope you will agree to participate, and I look forward to hearing from
you, and let me know any questions you have.


P.S. If there is other work either completed or that you have in mind,
which you think would be appropriate, would certainly like to discuss.


Let's Entertain: The Artists
August 6, 1999

Doug Aitken USA
Carlos Amorales France/Mexico
Bernadette Corporation USA
Dara Birnbaum USA
Dike Blair USA
Leigh Bowery UK
Mathieu Briand France
Jessica Bronson USA
Roderick Buchanan UK
Lee Bul Korea
Maurizio Cattelan Italy
Choi Jeong-Hwa Korea
Elizabeth & Ifitkhar Dadi Pakistan
Rineka Dijstrka The Netherlands
Stan Douglas Canada
Malachi Farrel France/Ireland
Peter Friedl
General Idea Canada
Felix Gonzales Torres Cuba/USA
Douglas Gordon UK
Dan Graham USA
Rodney Graham Canada
Duane Hanson USA
Damien Hirst UK
Pierre Huyghe France
Yoshimasa Ishibashi Japan
Mike Kelley & Paul McCarthy USA
Martin Kippenberger Germany
Jeff Koons USA
Peter Land Denmark
Paul McCarthy USA
Mariko Mori Japan
Takashi Murakami Japan
Museum in Progress Austria
Minako Nishiyama Japan
Gabriel Orozco Mexico/USA
Philippe Parreno France
Alexandre Périgot France
Jack Pierson USA
Richard Prince USA
Charles Ray USA
Ugo Rondinone Switzerland
Cindy Sherman USA
David Shea USA
Andreas Slominski Germany
Lily van der Stokker The Netherlands
Uri Tzaig Israel
Piotr Uklanski Poland
Andy Warhol USA
Gillian Wearing UK