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Democrat Pride!
  Anti-GOP and anti-Bush humor, song parodies, anti-GOP animated gifs and blinkies for your website, e-mails, or blog. Suggestions for new gifs welcome!
  Auntie Phil's [Whack hard on the head] thoughts about life, liberty and happiness [LISTEN ALREADY WILL YOU] A sarcastic political blog about everything but esp. about Bush.
Bush Sucks
  The Bush Sucks mockery that started it all.
Why Are We Back In Iraq?
  "The Rules of Embedment or Why Are We Back In Iraq?" A satire/drama that explores the Media's role in Iraq War II. Laugh or cry, you decide. Website contains sample scenes, production notes, political satire and media/political bloggery.
  a tribute
Wearable Dissent
  Florida Vote interface from the impartial Jeb Bush and Co.
Withdrawal Wizard Iraq Edition
  Uninstall the virus that is Bush leadership!
Fahrenheit 9/11
  Homepage and clips from Michael Moore's documentary.

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