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Straight-Edge Liberal
  Zebmet is the future.
Meli's xanga
  Daily weblogs
  One man's comments on why George Walker Bush is the worst president in our nation's history.
The Evil Genius's Blog
  Just a simple place where I rant about politics, literature, music, and art. Enjoy.
  Wingnutter Chepooka Rants & Why Liberals Are Better!!
My Liberal World
  This world is all liberal, all the time.
Why not to Vote for Bush
  Bush screwed up. This site details some of his screwups, such as the Iraq war, record deficits, reneging on the Kyoto Protocols and the ABM Treaty, telling lies and falsehoods to his constituents and to the world, and a variety of others.
  blog..____in the making about my giving a few liberal prickings to deserving prickle bushes..

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