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::uncomfortably numb::
  That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
The Greengig
  A journal of political firebranding: exposing the deadly lies of the Bush Regime
Resurrecting Critique
  Adventures in politics and critical sociology.
America Deserves Better
  A series of letters, reasoned, non-polemic, and without bad language, targeted to persuade Independents and moderate Republicans that we must defeat the present administration this year because America deserves better.
A siege of herons
  Attempting a realistic, if slightly caffeinated, discussion of what the United States has been, is, and can be, coming straight from the mouth of the Mohawk Valley in beautiful and historic Central New York. I am an unapologetic Democrat. I dislike C
The New Space Race
  Basically focusing on privatizing space, also focuses on politics and music.
  Finally, that liberal media bias you can't find anywhere else!
  A forum for progressive political commentary, politics, news, and the cultural and socio-political climate of the 21st Century.

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