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Rubble Records
  Punk rock against bush, my new comp is complete with a I hate bush cover.
Mein Bush
  The Bush administration is quietly pushing through legislation to re-start the draft!
Acoustic Dad's Place
  Blog of an American expatriate living in Australia. Primary topics include: activism, political dissent, current events, social commentary and progressive politics (Australian and American). Other topics include music and poetry.
Linda Finkle
  Anti-war, anti-Bush song with some interesting sound bites
cheap gas
  otep video--warhead
New Horizons In Violence
  Music, film clips, and outrageous propaganda from an Australian band exlusively devoted to the crass glamourisation of the War of Terror.
  Changing, revolving videos and other content.
The New Fab Four
  The New Fab Four (with Dubya) - not your mother's Fab Four! With Boy George singing the hits.

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