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Mein Bush
  The Bush administration is quietly pushing through legislation to re-start the draft!
Rubble Records
  Punk rock against bush, my new comp is complete with a I hate bush cover.
Acoustic Dad's Place
  Blog of an American expatriate living in Australia. Primary topics include: activism, political dissent, current events, social commentary and progressive politics (Australian and American). Other topics include music and poetry.
Linda Finkle
  Anti-war, anti-Bush song with some interesting sound bites
  Changing, revolving videos and other content.
The New Fab Four
  The New Fab Four (with Dubya) - not your mother's Fab Four! With Boy George singing the hits.
cheap gas
  otep video--warhead
New Horizons In Violence
  Music, film clips, and outrageous propaganda from an Australian band exlusively devoted to the crass glamourisation of the War of Terror.

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